Who We Are

The International University Hub (IUH) stands as a strategic collaboration between Mitko Gateway Abroad (Pvt) Ltd. (a subsidiary of Mitko Australia Pty Limited) and Gateway Abroad, India. Established in 2019 and fully operationalized in 2020, IUH is dedicated to offering tailored solutions for students and parents seeking trustworthy support in their study abroad endeavors.

Drawing upon our extensive global partnerships and diverse network of stakeholders, IUH offers specialized expertise and access to over 400 Universities, Colleges and Institutes  across 9 countries, with an impressive portfolio of students. Our dedicated team of experts undergoes meticulous training to understand your unique requirements, enabling the delivery of personalized solutions that precisely align with your needs.

IUH goes beyond traditional study abroad offerings by providing a series of online study opportunities, catering to both busy employed students and full-time students aspiring to pursue multiple degrees to thrive in the competitive job market.

Our commitment at IUH extends beyond mere application numbers. We aspire to cultivate lasting relationships and provide unwavering support throughout your or your child’s entire study abroad journey. Whether you are a student or a parent, IUH aims to be a reliable and credible partner, simplifying the complexities of studying abroad and ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

Our Key Services Are

  • Information and Guidance : IUH offers comprehensive information and guidance for students exploring study abroad and online study opportunities.
  • Accurate Assessment: We provide 100% accurate assessments to guide students in making informed decisions about their educational paths.
  • Tailored Opportunities: IUH identifies the best-suited opportunities, qualifications, and solutions for each student, ensuring a customized approach to education.
  • Application Process Support and Visa Assistance:  Our team offers guidance through the application process and provides invaluable visa information / requirements  to facilitate a smooth transition to studying abroad.
  • IELTS Support: IUH assists students with IELTS-related support, ensuring they are well-prepared for language proficiency requirements.
  • Country-Specific Induction Programs: To facilitate a smooth transition, IUH offers country-specific induction programs, helping students acclimate to their new academic and cultural environments.

Choose IUH as your educational partner, and let us navigate the complexities of studying abroad / studying online together, making your journey seamless and enriching.

What Students Say About Us

Company : Mitko Group

Mitko group commenced it operations in May 2006, under the leadership of Mr. Muditha Peiris as the founder. Within a short span Mitko has expanded its business operation to several sectors and currently operating as one of the most successful dynamic organizations in Sri Lanka. 

Our partner : Gateway Abroad, India

Gateway Abroad is one of the largest student placement service providers in India with more than 400 university partnerships in key countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA etc. With decades of experience and strategic partnership around the world GA is a well-known brand among the best university in above mention countries. 

Our Partner Universities

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