How We Support

Been an international student is a once in a lifetime experience which will boost your confidence while giving an edge for your career life. But following your dream of studying abroad and getting an internationally recognized qualification in their home soil can turnout to be a nightmare with lack of information and support. 

At The International University Hub we will support you in your dream by answering your pain points 

Am I Eligible To Study Abroad?

Knowing your eligibility is the first step of your study abroad journey. This can be a complicated and tough task individually because the eligibility factor will fluctuate due to several factors such as Age, Qualifications, language skills, preferred study option etc. 

Our team of expert will help you to understand your eligibility and also will recommend you the best suitable study abroad option based on your profile. 

What’s The Best Qualification For Me?

With our global partnerships and 400+ university network, We are here to help you find the correct qualification for you or your loved ones in a plethora of options. Our team of expert counsellors will have a detail chat with you or your loved ones to understand the education background, passion and skills of each individual prior to propose the best possible study option. 

Did I Choose The Right Country?

Selecting the right country plays a major role in any student live as it will decide his/her future. Whether you have a country in mind or whether you don’t we will help you to screen/choose your option with guided questioning. 

Will My Application Get Rejected?

As we have seen most of the time applications get rejected is not because of the eligibility, it’s because of lack of documentation. Our expert staff will guide you step by step in the application process with utmost care to make sure you get through your offer letter to visa approval. 

What’s The Consultant Fee?

With our Strategic partnerships our payments are directly managed by the universities / Institutes hence the students don’t have to pay any fee for our support. However, for particular complicated cases we may charge a document processing fee with the refund assurance in case student does not obtain the Leer of Offer. Furthermore, we keep a transparent process to make sure the student gets the best benefits.

Got More Questions To Clear?, Then Talk To Us. We Are Here To Support You !!!